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Here a new Demo Disc from Auro Technologies called AURO-3D Demonstration Disc Vol.2. It’s another great Demo Disc to show off what Auro-3D can. On that Disc you can find Movie Clips, a lot of Music Tracks, Test Signals and a new Auro Demo Clip which explains Auro-3D. That Disc can be ordered straight from Auro Technologies over there Website. A highly recommended Disc !
Here you can find now the Review with all Details.

A cinematic poem about the world-changing power of invention, the short film Escape is the latest example of animated storytelling that showcases state-of-the-art Dolby technologies. Combining techniques such as miniatures and animation with the spectacular imaging of Dolby Vision and the moving audio of Dolby Atmos, Escape invites the audience to imagine and experience a joyous vision of the future. It is a story of persistence and passion that is intended to inspire individuals to never give up on their hopes and dreams.

Dolby Presents: Escape, an animated short from Dolby Laboratories on Vimeo.

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