The Dolby Experience – Version 2


Selections In Dolby Digital 5.1:
Serenity (2:18) DD 5.1
The Killers – Read My Mind (2:17) DD 5.1
Elements: Air, Earth, Snow, Water (2:43) DD 5.1
Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society (2:35) DD 5.1
San Francisco Symphony – Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring (2:32) DD 5.1
Santana- Exodus / Get Up, Stand Up (1:19) DD 5.1
Safari (1:35) DD 5.1
Legends Of Jazz With Ramsey Lewis – The Panther (2:08) DD 5.1
Richie Jen – Zhu Xian: I'm Back (3:01) DD 5.1
Dolby City Redux Trailer (0:23) DD 5.1
Dolby Symbolon Trailer (0:09) DD 5.1
Dolby Argon Trailer (0:07) DD 5.1
Dolby 5.1 Channel Check (1:08) DD 5.1

Offerer: Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Produced: 2007
Running Time: 22min.
Format: PAL
DVD Type: DVD-5
Region Code: RC-0
Packing: Amaray


the-dolby-experience-v2-01 the-dolby-experience-v2-02 the-dolby-experience-v2-03 the-dolby-experience-v2-04 the-dolby-experience-v2-05 the-dolby-experience-v2-06 the-dolby-experience-v2-07 the-dolby-experience-v2-08 the-dolby-experience-v2-09 the-dolby-experience-v2-10 the-dolby-experience-v2-11 the-dolby-experience-v2-12 the-dolby-experience-v2-13 the-dolby-experience-v2-14 the-dolby-experience-v2-15 the-dolby-experience-v2-16 the-dolby-experience-v2-17 the-dolby-experience-v2-18 the-dolby-experience-v2-19 the-dolby-experience-v2-20 the-dolby-experience-v2-21 the-dolby-experience-v2-22 the-dolby-experience-v2-23 the-dolby-experience-v2-24 the-dolby-experience-v2-25 the-dolby-experience-v2-26 the-dolby-experience-v2-27 the-dolby-experience-v2-28 the-dolby-experience-v2-29 the-dolby-experience-v2-30 the-dolby-experience-v2-31 the-dolby-experience-v2-32 the-dolby-experience-v2-33 the-dolby-experience-v2-34 the-dolby-experience-v2-35 the-dolby-experience-v2-36 the-dolby-experience-v2-37 the-dolby-experience-v2-38 the-dolby-experience-v2-39 the-dolby-experience-v2-40 the-dolby-experience-v2-41 the-dolby-experience-v2-42 the-dolby-experience-v2-43 the-dolby-experience-v2-44 the-dolby-experience-v2-45 the-dolby-experience-v2-46 the-dolby-experience-v2-47 the-dolby-experience-v2-48 the-dolby-experience-v2-49 the-dolby-experience-v2-50 the-dolby-experience-v2-51 the-dolby-experience-v2-52 the-dolby-experience-v2-53 the-dolby-experience-v2-54 the-dolby-experience-v2-55 the-dolby-experience-v2-56 the-dolby-experience-v2-57 the-dolby-experience-v2-58 the-dolby-experience-v2-59 the-dolby-experience-v2-60

7.0 Awesome
  • Video 9
  • Audio 8
  • Menu 5
  • Clips 6

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