Panasonic ’11 VIERA Demonstration Disc


Demonstration Clips:
Italian Football Serie A (2:43) DTS 5.1
A Trip Through The United Kingdom (5:14) PCM 2.0
Panasonic Open Golf (4:04) DTS 5.1
Colours (3:47) PCM 2.0
Get Ready For London (2:30) DTS 5.1
Design For Passion (2:55) PCM 2.0
Flowing In The Dark (2:28) PCM 2.0
Explanation Clips:
NeoPlasma Introduction (2:20) PCM 2.0
IPS Alpha Introduction (2:44) PCM 2.0
Viera Design Concept (0:48) PCM 2.0
Viera Connect Concept (2:44) PCM 2.0
Image Evaluation Clips:
Moving Picture Response Demo / Plasma / LCD:
Flower And Paper (0:32)
Fruits (0:32)
Spiny Lobster (0:32)
Cards (0:32)
Wine Bottles (0:31)
World Map (0:46)
Scrolling Text (0:49)
APDC Full-HD Resolution Speed Pattern (2:56)
APDC Full-HD Resolution Speed Demo 1 (0:56)
APDC Full-HD Resolution Speed Demo 2 (1:02)
APDC Moving Picture Resolution Test Pattern (0:32)
Moving Picture Response Demo / LCD:
Soccer Ball (0:21)
Test Pattern (Blue) (0:35)
Test Pattern (White) (0:28)
Text (Blue) (0:36)
Text (White) (0:36)
Contrast Demo:
Amusement Park (0:25)
Fireworks (2:41)
Night Flight In Tokyo (4:18) PCM 2.0
Colour Viewing Angle Demo:
Colours (3:47) PCM 2.0
Colour Viewing Angle (1:27)
Power Consumption Demo (3:53)

Offerer: Panasonic
Produced: 2011
Running Time: 60min.
Format: 1080/60i & 24p
Video Codec: AVC
Type: BD-25
Size: 15.4GB
Region Code: A,B,C
Packing: Amaray & CD Polybox Case



panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-01 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-02 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-03 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-04 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-05 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-06 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-07 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-08 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-09 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-10 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-11 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-12 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-13 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-14 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-16 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-15 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-17 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-19 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-18 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-20 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-21 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-22 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-23 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-24 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-25 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-26 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-27 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-28 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-29 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-30 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-31 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-32 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-33 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-34 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-35 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-36 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-37 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-38 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-39 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-40 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-41 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-42 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-43 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-44 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-45 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-46 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-47 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-48 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-49 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-50 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-51 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-52 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-53 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-54 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-55 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-56 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-57 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-58 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-59 panasonic-11-viera-demo-disc-60

6.5 Awesome
  • Video 10
  • Audio 5
  • Menu 5
  • Clips 6

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