Sharp Time To View Blu Vol.4


2D Content:
Spin (2:36) DD 5.1
UEFA Euro Cup Image (3:28) DD 2.0
The Celestial Railroad (1:48) DD 2.0
Inception (1:38) DD 2.0
Quattron Active (2:06) DD 2.0
Forza Motorsport 3 (1:29) DD 2.0
Quattron Features (2:09) DD 2.0
Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom (2:13) DD 2.0
HD Entertainment Clips (2:21) DD 2.0
HOP (1:29) DD 5.1
Evaluation Clip For HDR (3:20) DD 2.0
3D Content:
BoraBora -Shine- (2:16) DD 2.0
BoraBora -Twilight- (2:03) DD 2.0
Legend Of The Guardians (2:22) DD 5.1
The Polar Express (4:16) DD 5.1
Clash Of The Titans (3:51) DD 5.1
IMAX Deep Sea (3:02) DD 5.1
IMAX Space Station (1:31) DD 5.1
Vision #1 (1:56) DD 5.1
Vision #2 (2:04) DD 5.1
Sanctum (2:33) DD 5.1

Offerer: Sharp
Produced: 2011
Running Time: 51min.
Format: 1080/60i & 24p
Video Codec: AVC-MVC
Type: BD-25
Size: 14.8GB
Region Code: A,B,C
Packing: CD Jewel Case



sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-01 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-02 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-03 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-04 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-05 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-06 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-07 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-08 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-09 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-10 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-11 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-12 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-13 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-14 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-15 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-16 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-17 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-18 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-19 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-20 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-21 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-22 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-23 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-24 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-25 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-26 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-27 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-28 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-29 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-30 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-31 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-32 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-33 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-34 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-35 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-36 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-37 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-38 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-39 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-40 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-41 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-42 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-43 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-44 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-45 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-46 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-47 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-48 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-49 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-50 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-51 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-52 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-53 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-54 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-55 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-56 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-57 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-58 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-59 sharp-time-to-view-blu-v4-60

7.0 Awesome
  • Video 10
  • Audio 6
  • Menu 5
  • Clips 7

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