Onkyo – Sight & Sound Vol.1


Ambra – The Surround Experience:
Signs Of Love (7:15) DTS ES
Walking In The Air (5:29) DTS ES
The Eye Of The Storm (6:23) DTS ES
Jewel Of Light (5:26) DTS ES
Pure Music:
André Rieu:
Poliushko Polie (3:53) DD 5.1
Bolero (6:33) DD 5.1
The Harlem Gospel Singers:
Oh Happy Day (5:18) DD 5.1
Walking In Memphis (4:53) DD 5.1
Coral Garden (1:55) DTS 5.1
Nadibrunch (2:38) DTS 5.1
Eternity (4:08) DTS 5.1
Blue Turn (3:54) DTS 5.1
Ka Nalu Nui I:
Flying (3:40) DD 5.1
Dolphin’s Dance (3:47) DD 5.1
Brainstorm (1:31) DD 5.1
Jaws (2:59) DD 5.1
DTS Entertainment:
Brazilian Jazz – Goiania (6:11) DTS 96/24
Studio Voodoo – Fire (5:05) DTS ES
Frank Zappa – Dancin’ Fool (4:41) DTS 96/24
Sheila Nicholls – Faith (4:07) DTS ES
The Crystal Method – Born Too Slow (3:52) DTS ES
Surround Trailer:
Rain (0:34) DD 5.1
Perspectives (Stomp) (0:38) DD EX
Sound Set Up:
Dolby Digital 5.1
DTS 5.1
DTS-ES Discrete
Sound Check:
Speaker Placement
Connecting Speakers
Level Calibration
Speaker Wiring Polarity
Signal Delay

Offerer: Onkyo
Produced: 2004
Running Time: 90min.
Format: PAL
DVD Type: DVD-9
Region Code: RC-0
Packing: CD Jewel Box


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8.5 Awesome
  • Video 8
  • Audio 9
  • Menu 7
  • Clips 10

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