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Here the latest DTS Demo Disc from the CES Show in Vegas this year. We are now at number 23 from that Demo Discs. Again as the past Discs you can find the latest Movie Clips on that Disc, also some Explanation Clips and some DTS Trailers. The running time is around 57min. and the Audio is DTS:X, DTS-HD MA 7.1 and DTS Headphone:X. A nice Disc from that series.
Here the complete Review.

Writer/Director Brad Bird and Producer Nicole Paradis Grindle discusses returning fourteen years later for the sequel to a beloved film as they describe the technical challenges of the new movie, how their approach to visual design, color, and sound have evolved, and the inspiration behind the notorious fight scene between baby Jack-Jack and the raccoon.

I updated again the Movie Trailers Section. In that Section all available Trailers have the original Cinema or Studio Audio Encode !! Here you find NO Upmixes or Stereo Tracks you can find on any other Site on the Internet. All Trailers have the original 5.1 Audio Track. That’s also why my page was some days behind posting the latest Trailers as i want to post there the best possible quality in Audio & Video. Enjoy !

Coming to an other new Dolby Demo Disc called Dolby Atmos Blu-Ray Demo Disc (Aug 2018). On that Disc you can find a lot of various Clips, Dolby Trailers, Sports, Games, Music and Movie Trailers. Also there are some Test Tones available. The running time from that Disc is around 127min. and the Audio is TrueHD and DD+ with Atmos. An highly recommended Disc, grab it if you can !
Here the Review with all details from that Disc.

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