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Since 1983 one of the most memorable parts of going to the movies has been the THX certification played during the previews.

In the First Part of an interesting Podcast you get the Answer of “What was the point of the THX “deep note” and why do we love it so much?”.

In the Second Part of the Podcast you can find the Answer of the Question “What happened after THX lost its iconic “Deep Note”?”.

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Now i got here an old Demo Disc from Loewe called Loewe Demo DVD. On that Disc you can find some nice Movie and Music Trailers, the latest Dolby Trailers and Information Clips what the DVD has to offer. The running time is around 42min. and the Audio is Dolby Digital 5.1.
Find here the Review with all Informations.

Whether you’re enjoying a movie at the cinema, watching a TV show on your phone, listening to your favorite band, or calling in to a web meeting, Dolby’s technologies give you the power to see, hear, and feel the spectacular.

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